Frequently asked questions

What is a UnionLOGIC software license?

UnionLOGIC is a mix between a Software As A Service application and a traditional destop application. We use our desktop application to access our backend database running on Microsoft's or Amazon's cloud servers. You need the cloud database to make our software work. This gives you the advantage of not having to manage data servers and related networking equipment on your local office network. ( Just like a SAAS application ) The software license gives you access to the cloud database. Without the cloud database our software does not function. We believe our model is more effieient and reilable than the traditional network server that requires IT professionals to manage and backup your data.

Who owns my data?

Simple... You Do!
Your data is formatted to work with our custom software as you add new members. If you decide to leave our platform your data can be exported in a standard CSV files for you use in any way you like. Once you confirm you have you data we destroy all live copies and backup data from the could servers.

Is my data secure?

Your data stored in a tier 4 data center and backed up daily to another data center in a different part of the country. The data can only be accessed by the unique dedicated IP address that your ISP providecd to which is needed you whern we install the software. All the data sent between your computers and the cloud server database encrypted.