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No two unions operate the same and should not be forced to use software that was not designed with their specfic needs addressed. We customize our software at your request and do it quickly while keeping costs to a minimun. We know unions and can find swift solutions to any issues you need to address. To really see the power and flexabuiltiy of our software and online demo is nessessary. A screen shot of what it looks like will not answer the important questions of why you are looking for new software to run your union. Contact us now! 
Business Office
Our Business office module has been developed over time adding essential utilities to let you manage your membership data and generate reports. The answer is always YES when asked " Can we have a report with " Insert your request here" on it. If the data is in the database we can report on it.
Finance Office


Manage member dues and remittance to your international with our Finance Office module. Use the same member data as the Business Office for seemless workflow. The Business office will know when a members dues are paid without a phone call or email. They just look up the members data in the business office modules to see their dues paid thru date. 
Apprentice Training


"We try to cover all aspects of apprentice training." All apprentice data is integrated into our core database.
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